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Embassy Hosts a Reception for Dr Shaul Sapir
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The Embassy of India in Tel Aviv organized a reception on the occasion of publication of the book Bombay - Exploring the Jewish Urban Heritage at the Embassy residence on 27th February.

The book is written by Dr Shaul Sapir who is also a professor at the Hebrew University and is an Israeli of Indian Baghdadi origin. The book seeks to fill a gap in the historical narrative of Mumbai's urban history and focuses on the Jewish connection to Mumbai's landscape by telling the story of Baghdadi Jews of Mumbai, more specifically those of the Sassoon family, through the buildings and monuments they built and left behind.

The book provides readers with insights into the architectural design of the unique Jewish sites and monuments of Mumbai many of which continue to be famous landmarks of the city.

The reception featured a discussion on the book between Ambassador Jaideep Sarkar and Dr Sapir, followed by a question and answer session with the guests. The Ambassador noted that the story of the Jewish community in India is one of peaceful co- existence over many centuries during which they were never persecuted or discriminated against. Their beautiful synagogues in India testify to the strength and vigour of their religious tradition.

The reception was attended by eminent members of the Indian Jewish community in Israel, academicians, officials from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and media.

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