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This section covers media articles on various bilateral interactions between India and Israel. They include economic, cultural, commercial, political, historic and other such linkages.

Indian Media
image Times of India- In Israels mini-India, the rockets do not scare them
Jul 20, 2014
image The Economic Times: Indian businessmen announce grant to promote Hindi in Israel
Jun 2, 2014
image The Economics Times: Indian, Israeli Businesses Need More Cooperation in Hi-Tech- Jaideep Sarkar
May 23, 2014
image News Track India: Revolutionising Indian farming - with Israeli technology
Mar 2, 2014
image News Track India: Israel wants India to explore gas, sign trade pact - Envoy
Feb 24, 2014
image Two Circles: India and Israel bond with technology, innovation
Feb 23, 2014
image Deccan Herald: Israel announces post-doctoral grants for Indians
Feb 29, 2012
image MSN News: India, Israel to collaborate on urban renewal, water treatment
Feb 7, 2012
image Economic Times: Israel asks India to help in reducing poverty in Middle East
Sep 8, 2011
image Deccan Herald: Israel awards Indias Jain Irrigation for impressive show
Jun 9, 2011
image The Hindu: Pilot seeks Israeli collaboration in IT sector
Jun 1, 2011
image Jargan Post: Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda to travel Israel next week
Apr 9, 2011
image Deccan Herald: Indo-Israel vegetable centre set up in Haryana
Jan 13, 2011
image Deccan Herald: Israelis experience royal treat of Carnatic music
Nov 19, 2010
image Hindustan times: Naval chief visits Haifa; pays homage to fallen Indian soldiers
Oct 13, 2010
image Times of India: Amitav Ghosh wins prestigious Dan David Prize
Apr 28, 2010
image The Hindu: Indian Minister of State for Commerce and Industry visits Israel
Feb 19, 2010
image Zee News: India, Israel vow to enhance cooperation in combating terror
Feb 19, 2010
image Outlook: Exodus revisited - Review of the book "Being Indian, Being Israeli"
Oct 26, 2009
Israeli Media
image Ynet: Relocating to a Country with 1.2 Billion People (Hebrew Press)
Jun 28, 2014
image Indian businessmen pledge grants for Israelis to study Hindi
Jun 2, 2014
image Times of Israel: India Better Than Other Asians for Israel, Says Diplomat
May 26, 2014
image The Globes: Political Change in India: How Can We Make Money from This?
May 23, 2014
image Israel Hayom: MIXIII - the Largest Indian Exhibition
May 18, 2014
image i24News: Business delegation from India to arrive in Israel
May 18, 2014
image Times of Israel: Indias Electoral Spring by Amb. Jaideep Sarkar
May 13, 2014
image Israel Offers Scholarship Program to Help Indian Women Entrepreneurs to Succeed
Apr 22, 2014
image Asian region to overtake US as Israel's 2nd biggest export destination in 2014
Apr 22, 2014
image Celebration of Passover in the Bene Israel Tradition by Nissim Moses
Apr 1, 2014
image Jerusalem Post: The Rothschilds of India
Mar 16, 2014
image Times of Israel: A better potato for India, via Israeli tech
Feb 24, 2014
image Haaretz: Sisters in arms - The burgeoning defense trade between Israel and India
Feb 22, 2014
image Globes: Israeli, Indian high-tech associations sign cooperation agreement
Aug 6, 2010
image Jerusalem Post: Peres receptive at Indian delegation
Jul 20, 2010
image Jerusalem Post: A revival of Jewish heritage on the Indian tourism trail
Jul 16, 2010
image Globes: Israeli, Indian high-tech associations sign cooperation agreement
Jun 8, 2010
image The Marker: Indian delegation in the High-tech Conference in Israel
Mar 6, 2010
image In Pictures: Indian Jewish tribe heads 'home'
Apr 21, 2014
image From Israel to India: Barhi dates in for bumper crop
Apr 1, 2014
image Prof. David Shulman of Hebrew University is appointed to be In Residence at Chicago University, under the Vivekananda Visiting Professorship.
Oct 10, 2013
image New York Times: Saris and Chuppahs for the B’nei Israel Jews of India
Apr 2, 2012
image Jerusalem Post: Returning from afar
Jun 9, 2011
image Asian Jewish Life: In an ancient land - Trade and Synagogues in South India
Mar 11, 2011

Disclaimer: The web links of news items mentioned above are compiled for easy access only. Any information, opinions, and arguments expressed in these news items do not necessarily reflect the stand of the Government of India. Readers are requested to independently verify the information in these articles before taking any action based on them.

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